Posted on: September 25, 2009 4:46 pm

Canadiens Forward Combos

With 7-days to the start of the regular season, Montreal looks all but set with the following forward line combinations:

There’s talk Jacques Martin wants to spread the Richie-Rich wealth around and drop Max-Pac onto the Rich-line while bumping Cammalleri to the second line to “balance the attack” but chances are the Richie-Rich Line will be Martin’s go-to trio when the game’s on the line and a must for the #1 PP + PK units.

Again you heard it here first, the “Richie-Rich Line.” Read more at Cranium Carom!
Posted on: September 10, 2009 2:47 pm

Habs Rookie Camp: Whatsup after 3-Days!?!

The Montreal Canadiens 2009 Rookie Camp is in its third day and the focus to date has been on Teamwork and Leadership .

On-ice drills started early in the morning and players were seen leaving the ice at 9:30PM Tuesday Sept.8th. Off-ice drills at the in-door soccer field include teams of three players pitted against another trio with the twist being two-out-of-three players per team being blind folded while the lone seeing player guides his teammates. Clearly some new techniques being employed by the new coaching staff.

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Posted on: July 10, 2009 1:59 pm

Is Gainey Really Sather's Twin?

Is it me or is our beloved Montreal Canadiens GM Bob Gainey starting to act a lot like his New York Rangers counterpart, Glen Sather? What gives with taking on Scott Gomez's monster and stupidly expensive salary? Why is Gainey wasting salary and cap space on a tiny player like Brian Gionta? Why on earth would he sign yet another old defenseman in Jaroslav Spacek, didn't he learn not to waste $$ on old defensemen when he signed Roman Hamrlik to $5.5M a couple yrs back? What about the most recent signing, Paul Mara? Mara is the defenseman version of Alexei Kovalev (read: disappears for long stretches during the season and gets benched) though much less talented of course. Finally, I present to you Exhibit Z in Bob Gainey's ineptitude as a GM, losing 4 key free agents for absolutely NOTHING! Mike Komisarek - Gone! Tanguay - Gone! Kovalev - Gone! And last but not least, Captain Saku Koivu!

Recap: Taking on inflatted salaries, adding inflatted salaries, adding more small players, signing other team's junk UFAs, losing key UFA assets for nothing, a 5-year rebuiling plan that has gone nowhere... yep, sounds and looks a lot like Glen Sather's recipe for ruining a hockey team. This is clearly a desperate attempt on Gainey's part to make something of the team before he gets pink slipped by the new Habs ownership.

Bob, what happened to you man? Seriously.

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